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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  April 29, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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cliff. 29-year-old park ranger dave saw the sun shimmering off a silver car down an embankment along grizzly peak boulevard and decided to check it out. >> i ran down the hill. about 200 feet steep ravine, there was a guy in the car. and i opened the door and he was okay. >> reporter: dave says he has seen other cars fall down the steep embankments along grizzly peak in the past but in those cases the cars were empty or the person died. in this case the man had been there for three days and he was alive. >> he said hi. i said hey. you're going to be all right. and the rest is history. fire came and we got him out of there. >> reporter: dave stayed with the man and radioed for help. alameda county firefighters arrived and extricated the man
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from the car. how rare is this? >> it's pretty rare to have something that's this involved. we go up there actually pretty frequently for vehicles over the side. generally speaking, we get there and get people out relatively easily. this was a little more involved than usual. >> reporter: dave is downplaying what many are calling a heroic act. >> i feel extremely lucky that i could help this guy. and i'm just -- i'm so happy that he's okay. >> reporter: we have learned the driver in the car is 53- year-old james wright of el cerrito. the driver was found coherent when he saw the park ranger, they were able to have a conversation. elizabeth, he hadn't had any food or water for three days. so he was a little exhausted. also, cell service in this area is spotty. so if in fact he did have a cell phone, it's very likely he just didn't have service and that's why he wasn't able to call for help. >> wow, no food or water for three days. a true miracle. >> reporter: absolutely.
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>> juliette goodrich in berkeley, thank you. police, fire and ambulances raced toward a san francisco muni bus this afternoon after someone fired pepper spray on board. the incident happened on the crowded bus just before 4:00 at 16th and mission streets. a witness saw a man harassing a teenaged girl. when the girl pepper sprayed him. several people were treated outside the bus for stinging eyes. pot club goes up in smoke for the second time in san jose. the fire made some neighbors very nervous as they waited for emergency crews to get there. kiet do tonight on what caused the delay. >> reporter: 450 drake street in san jose was an old victorian with its fair share of baggage. it was acannabis club called herb appeal but just before clock this morning, it caught fire yet again just before 3:00 this morning and forced the next-door neighbor, ken james, wife, son, mother and pet birdthe streets. they're okay. >> just sucks. >> reporter: the fire was so
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intense, the glow from the flames more than 30 feet tall woke up ken's mother causing their roof and attic to cause fire. for the james family it hasn't been a good year. back in january the same building suffered a quarter million dollars in damage when a fire burnt the front of the house. they said they had no idea it was a marijuana dispensary. and then last august a grassfire again near ken's homemade for a few nervous hours. ken blames the homeless encampments nearby and said it's a way of life. >> i guess i'm getting, unfortunately, used to it. the house fire and then the fire on the freeway side in the summer, so it's kind of becoming a normal thing. >> reporter: the other side to this story is response time. because of budget cuts, the station nearby lost its fire engine and as a result firefighters were delayed and couldn't spray water on the fire for four minutes. did four minutes make a
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difference in this case? >> you know, it would be hard to say if four minutes makes a difference on the fire itself right now. certainly, getting water on a fire sooner is better than later. >> reporter: by the way, the first time the cannabis club caught fire it had the same water problems. the new fire chief is working to put a phi engine in every station but with the tenth year of budget cuts and $115 million deficit this year, it won't put a fire engine in every station anytime soon. kiet do cbs 5. some 20 businesses in antioch have been impacted by an early-morning fire there. fire started on the second floor of a building on a street just off highway 4. a lot of that damage is from the water that was used by firefighters. the building houses everything from offices to a church to a barbershop. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. now to the royal wedding. it's about 1 a.m. in london right now and the celebrations continue. earlier today, a million people came to see prince william and
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kate middleton exchange their vows. manuel gallegus is there live with the wrap of the day's festivities. manuel. >> reporter: well, elizabeth, we still have a little bit of a crowd outside buckingham palace. inside, there was the black tie dinner and reception hosted by prince charles and right now, the after party hosted by, you know, party boy prince harry. that's what's going on all night. as for the queen, she is not at the after party but her take on the royal wedding, excellent. the palace doors opened and a sea of well-wishers broke out in cheers. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: prince william followed tradition and kissed his bride. then he broke from tradition and kissed katherine again. >> that second one just tops it all. wonderful. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: kate's dream wedding came true. her prince in regal red, she wore alexander mcqueen with
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hand made lace and something blue sewn inside. william told her you look beautiful. and he whispered to his father- in-law, we were most ised to have just a small family affair. >> i katherine elizabeth take thee william arthur louis philip to my wedded husband. >> reporter: the streets were packed for the national holiday. many brits say they are inspired by the new more modern couple and looking forward to the next generation of royals. >> we are going to have a young king with a young bride ruling the country properly. can't wait. >> reporter: the newlyweds already seem to be heading in a new direction. a spin in a convertible back to william's apartment with "just wed" on the license plate. a few hours later off to a party at buckingham palace capping off an extraordinary
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day. so it's prince harry's party tonight and, of course, the queen and her husband promise not to be there which is good so that means that harry can do his best man speech outside of the earshot of his grandparents. and soliz bet and allen, they are talking about even a british breakfast fry up at 6 a.m. for the diehards. >> not over yet. now the kids can have some fun because the queen is in bed. that sounds good. manuel gallegus in london, thank you. around the world and here in the bay area, people woke up early to see the pomp and pageantry. the brittania arms in san jose gave the full royal treatment. they showed the ceremony live and offered up the traditional british breakfast. even though it is a bar it was still before 6 a.m. so watch hers to toast with a.m. cider -- watchers had to toes with apple cider. locally oakland mayor jean quan says the long-term forecast for her city is positive, however cuts still have to be made to make up the
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$58 million budget deficit. and today she presented three scenarios. cuts to all city services. more city employee contributions. or a parcel tax. a balanced budget must be passed by june 30. san jose's cinco de mayo parade has been cancelled this year. the organizers of that 30-year- old event say they can no longer afford it. the american g.i. forum says the city is requiring costly police protection and they have been unsuccessful at finding a sponsor other than safeway. and this year's bay to breakers race will have a creative way of dealing with drunken participants. instead of jail, they are going to be taken to sobering tents. those tents will reportedly provide some juice and water and then help arrange some transportation. this year, the event has a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and is also banning floats equipped with beer kegs. the atlanta braves pitching coach accused of making homophobic remarks and sexually suggestive gestures towards fans in san francisco has been
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placed on leave. roger mcdowell is also accused of using a baseball bat to threaten another fan who objected to his actions. the altercation took place last saturday at at&t park before the braves-giants game. mcdowell has since apologized. but he is on paid administrative leave while the team investigates and decides on possible penalties. well, final mission on hold. what stopped the launch of the shuttle endeavour mid countdown and the high profile guest who showed up anyway. i have to say i have never seen devastation like this. it is heartbreaking. >> a presidential assessment as the death toll rises in tornado- ravaged alabama. the continued search for survivors and victims. and checking the weight on checked bags. the costly discrepancies at some out of state airports and what our consumerwatch team found when it did its own investigation here. ,,,,,,,,,,
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program has been scrubbed for at least 72 hours. the reason: an issue with the shuttle's auxiliary power units. the second-to-last launch for the space shuttle program has been scrubbed for at least 72 hours. the reason: an issue with the shuttle's auxiliary power units. among the spectators, planning to watch that launch on site were president obama and his family as well as arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords whose husband is
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aboard. no word yet whether giffords will remain on site for the next possible launch opportunity on monday. the death toll from the tornadoes in the south now stand at 329. it's the deadliest twister outbreak in almost 80 years. today president obama toured the damage and said he has never seen devastation like it. kendis gibson shows us the neighborhoods reduced to rubble. reporter: glenda thomas' family was inside this home when the tornado ripped it in half. they all survived. today she came back home to salvage what possessions she could. there isn't much, just enough to fill up the back of this pickup truck. >> this don't mean anything long i have my kids. can't replace life but can replace materials. >> reporter: the massive storms spawned tornadoes in 13 states, but alabama suffered some of the worst damage. in hard-hit tuscaloosa president obama met with survivors and got a firsthand look at what the tornado left
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behind. >> tuscaloosa typically gets a tornado during the season. but this is something that i don't think anybody has seen before. >> reporter: the tornado sent objects flying all over the place but yet you have scenes like this, a couch sitting up right. about 300 people were killed in the tornadoes and search crews are now using cadaver dogs to try to find those who did not survive. this dog started barking at the home of a woman who has been missing since the storm. workers first searched by hand. but when they couldn't get deep enough, heavy equipment was brought in. they will take off the top layer of rubble and then search again by hand. for every story of loss there is another story of survival. this woman's daughters were in the house when the twister hit. it took her hours to dig them out. >> i thank god they are okay. >> reporter: they are now trying figure out what to do
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next. a few ounces that can cost some big bucks. >> i don't believe they are as accurate as they could be. >> overweight bags and the heavy price paid by airport passengers. what we found when we put bay area baggage scales to the test. >> a cruise missile in the bay area. why the world war ii weapon was wandering local highways. it's true, we actually have two days this weekend both precipitation-free. the day that will pan out to be the warmest as eyewitness news continues here on cbs 5. ,, ,,,,,,,, hey marcel, watch this!
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hey marcel, watch this! [ buzzer sounds ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey marcel, watch this! yeah, marcel! -marcel! -hey marcel! are you listening to me?
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marcel! [ male announcer ] only at&t u-verse lets you follow your favorite channels on one screen. just $29 a month for the first six months -- dvr included. luggage fees --even higher. and that got us wondering -- just higher fuel prices are prompting some airlines to quietly raise their luggage fees even higher. so just how accurate are the baggage scales at bay area airports? julie watts on the consumerwatch checks them out. >> reporter: maybe it's the lon lines or extra fees but travelers think the scales lie. >> over. i don't feel like they are over.
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>> i don't believe they are as accurate as they could be. >> reporter: and there is reason to be skeptical. being a little bit over the 50- pound limit could cost you more than $100. >> my bag was 60 pounds and they were going to charge me $90. >> it's going up so obviously there is a problem. >> reporter: earlier this year at boston's logan airport, inspectors found more than a third of the scales inside one terminal were inaccurate. and almost as bad in southern california, only 73% of the scales at l.a. ontario airport passed inspection. so we tagged along when inspectors from san mateo county's department of weights and measures tested the luggage scales at sfo. they checked 300 scales in operation. 7 flunked and were taken out of service. that's a failure rate of about 2% which is actually pretty good according to commissioner fred crowder. >> for the most part we are finding them to be accurate. >> reporter: on to oakland. the alameda county department of weights and measures says its last inspection found no problems with any of the 50
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scales. same story at san jose international airport. santa clara weights and measures tells us all 145 scales in use at the airport also passed. so why are so many passengers complaining? the commissioner says many folks test their bags on the bathroom scales that aren't exactly famous for accuracy. >> don't pack them right to 50 pounds based on your scale at home. pack them to 45 pounds and put the rest in your carry-on. >> reporter: airport luggage scales are checked once a year by the department of weights and measure in their county. if you suspect a faulty scale have them reweighed at another scale and contact weights and measures and they will check it. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. here's something that likely caused a few double takes on the golden gate bridge today. a world war ii era surface-to- air missile riding atop that flatbed truck. this was about noon today when it crossed the bridge. the nike missile was being moved from its installation in
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the marin headlands to half moon bay for a sunday airshow. the nike was cold war defense weapon that could fly faster and higher than anything before its time. well, another gorgeous clear day roberta. what does the weekend have in store for us? >> more of the same. we will be experiencing at least 16 days of dry weather by the time this area of high pressure breaks down. this is the scene. it's our live cbs 5 camera featuring downtown san jose home of your san jose sharks dropping the puck at 7:00 tonight if are you heading out to round 2 action as the sharks play host to the detroit red wings. go sharks. currently in san jose, picking up winds out of the west- northwest 25 miles per hour. otherwise, it's been downright blustery around the peninsula. napa northerly at 17. and danville in the east bay 60 degrees. west-northwest winds at 22. so if you are out and about heading out to the as or sharks games, out this evening it's
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breezy. temperatures currently into the 50s and 60s. we do have 70 degrees however right now in concord with those breezy conditions. tonight overnight 38 degrees in santa rosa but 36 in tri- valley. temperatures into the 40s across the almaden valley as well as the central bay. what do you see when you look at this? absolutely nothing. we have a ridge of high pressure that's expanding. as it does so it's strengthening and diverting it to the bay area. we are going to be experiencing an offshore flow this weekend. with the northerly winds at 20, the pollen count up to high levels. trees and grasses high. north of the golden gate bridge tomorrow, 26 degrees in stinson -- 62 degrees in stinson beach to 77 in sonoma and fairfield. so obviously much warmer than today. east of the bay, 70 in richmond to 76 degrees in pleasanton, brentwood, tracy, antioch, also in oakley. around the peninsula into the
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60s and 70s, again northerly wind up to 20. blustery around the coastside but still well into the mid- 60s. 75 degrees in morgan hill. the warmest day this weekend will be on sunday, gradual warming each day all the way until we flirt with nearly 90 on wednesday. so that is your pinpoint forecast. all right, roberta, thanks. enjoy your weekend. a safe way to clean out the medicine chest. >> plus a little girl with a very grownup illness. >> just shocked and awed trying to understand and take it all in. >> why doctors sometimes miss the diagnosis in children. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to m all if you have expired or unwanted prescription medications, don't flush or throw them away. tomorrow you can turn them in no questions asked. it is national drug takeback day. police departments are going to be providing bins to collects the medication. had en liquid drugs, solutions, needles and inhalers aren't being accepted neither are illegal drugs. it's to cut down on prescription drug abuse and protect the environment. a little girl from dublin is lacing up her sneakers to raise awareness for a condition that most us think only afflicts older people. dr. kim joins us with more. kim. >> reporter: liz, we're talking about arthritis. if you suffer from it, you know how difficult it may be to put on your shoes but that won't deter this tiny ball of energy and her family. from playing with play-doh to
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mixing up muffins, the 2.5 lives life with gusto. >> she is spunky and energetic and persistent. >> she just is a lot of funny guess. >> reporter: but six months she began to limp and then had a swollen knee and serious patient. the diagnosis, arthritis. >> i was just shocked and awed trying to understand and take it in. >> reporter: but what may be more shock, pediatric arthritis is it fairly common. she is one of roughly 200,000 children in the u.s. with the disease. with it, for reason, the body attacks its own joints causing inflammation and damage. >> because of that, these patients have stiffness, difficulty with walking. what we have learned is that some people can be misdiagnosed or not diagnosed for extended periods of time. >> reporter: two pediatricians
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at lucille packard hospital. >> her family has been incredible. >> reporter: the girl was lucky. her diagnosis was quick before serious damage. now her family wants to raise awareness and money to further research. >> part of this is therapeutic. she's just a great little girl. >> reporter: she and her family are going to livermore tomorrow to raise money for the arthritis foundation. the family has already raised more than $16,000. for more information, go to our website, and click on "links and numbers." >> she is so cute. but she was -- it was caught early which is great. >> reporter: thankfully her pediatrician was able to say something is up with the knee, let's have you see an orthopedic surgeon so the or not i surgeon was saying no, you need a rheumatologist but that all happened quickly. they were able to treat the joint and avoid long-term damage. so important. >> thank you. we'll be right back.
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,,,,,, we need to solve the problem. the state budget crisis threatens our economy...
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and our schools. loans to small businesses on hold. job creation at a standstill. 30,000 teachers already laid off. can we really afford billions more in cuts? $13 billion more devastates our schools, our safety, and the california we know. it's time for lawmakers to finally get the problem solved now. our kids and economy can't afford to wait. news at 6. "i owed them money and i had no
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choice." i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. >> i owed the money and i had no choice. >> until now, having your facebook account hacked meant some annoying email and maybe a few apologies to your friend. now a new friend. a hack that can cost you money. and an ugly chapter of bay area history now 34 years later. how the final page will be written in a community's newest classroom. so we'll have that and much more at 6:00. >> thank you. what's left to do after a perfect royal wedding? >> apparently turn cartwheels if nothing else cameras caught this man doing cartwheels in the aisle. they are people who prepare the clergy for the services. he simply ex


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